Senate campaign aims to give Western Canadian agriculture the federal representation it deserves

September 23, 2021 Olds, Alberta – I’m Jeff Nielsen, an entrepreneur, grain farmer and a strong advocate for Alberta and the Canadian agriculture industry.

I believe that Alberta, and our province’s natural resources, are cornerstones of the Canadian economy – and should be recognized as such.

That’s why last week I announced my candidacy for the 2021 Alberta Senate elections.

I have represented the Western Canadian agriculture industry in Ottawa through my work with many national and provincial agriculture organizations. Through these roles, I have appeared before the House of Commons and Senate of Canada committees, and in countless meetings with MPs and decision makers.

Through this experience, it became clear to me that we need stronger rural representation in the Senate. I also learned that the Canadian Senate is a resource for our parliamentary system and needs to show fair representation from all walks of life in Canada. Through my work and personal life, I would bring perspectives of several groups who are frequently underrepresented to the Senate.

My roots in Alberta, and agriculture, run deep. My family has been farming in this province for more than a century and I have been running my own farming operation for the past four decades. No one is better positioned than I am to champion our diverse and proud province.

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Jeff Nielsen